Saturday, February 3, 2024

Off the Point

I ordered a Quill Head Flyer for my Lendrum Spinning Wheel. First impression?  Pretty scary.



I had to ask The Man to remove the protective cap that covered the point. It was jammed on there pretty securely and I didn't want to stab myself (and get blood on the maple wood) by trying to remove it.

I first learned to spin "off-the-point" using supported spindles and tahklis. Then I purchased the gently-used Bosworth Book Charkha, that took the learning curve up a notch.

The Charkha teaches me something every time I sit down with it. Today I learned that commercially combed cotton is so easy to spin on the Charkha, it spins like buttah.

And all this time I have been struggling with the Acadian brown cotton I prepped myself.



Luckily the Acadian brown cotton spun nicely on the Lendrum Quill.


A small bit of blue Painter's tape effectively turned the new Quill head into a bobbin winder and I was able to free up three Charkha spindles.



Thumbs up for the new Lendrum Quill Head.