Sunday, January 12, 2020


swatch: (1) a sample of cloth or other material, (2) a sample, patch, or characteristic specimen of anything.

The decision was made before Thanksgiving. The downstairs carpet needed cleaning before our Holiday guests arrived. And, you know, since the cleaners were going to be here anyway they might as well clean a few areas upstairs as well. The quoted price was over $300. Big bucks.

The downstairs carpet was looking pretty shabby so instead of cleaning we opted to replace the carpet with "Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring". It looks like wood but better - scratch, stain, and waterproof, i.e. dog-proof. We got 32 boxes of "Trail Oak", nearly a full pallet. Bigger bucks.

It was going to be a big project so we decided to work on a smaller project first. Off and on for the past year I had been yammering suggesting that I needed a larger workspace. My "creativity" had grown beyond the bounds of my craft room and as my enthusiasm for hand spinning grew so did my bins of fiber supply.

The Man encouraged me to take over one of the two guest bedrooms. I grappled with the idea because I did like my overnight guests to be comfortable. In the end, I liked the idea of having a "studio" better.  I bought a Queen-sized Aerobed and The Man started work on the larger guest bedroom.

New lighting.

My new room is finished and it's a beautiful space. Right now it's housing some furniture as work gets underway downstairs. But I did manage to move a few of my things in.

Like I said, it's a beautiful space, thanks to The (Handy) Man.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Special Day 2020

Each day is usually a good day.

But today seemed different. Fresher.

A little more special.


A little more glorious.

I could feel it in the air.

Happy New Year, 2020.