Thursday, February 29, 2024

Hot Spot

Our internet went down at 11 am today. I know the exact time because I had just finished listening to The Silkworm and was trying to borrow the next book in the series from the library.

After we tried the usual things we called Spectrum and they agreed there was a problem: we were not receiving a signal. They were going to send someone out between 2 - 3 pm today.

At 2:30 pm the repairman came out - checked the house equipment inside and outside and climbed the pole closest to the house. Still no signal.



Our internet and phone service was restored before 6 pm. I could see that they had been working on several poles out on the main road.

I thought it was speedy service but, drats, for the time lost that I could've been immersed in another 18-hour Cormoran Strike audiobook.