Saturday, October 20, 2012


Cal Poly won their football game against Portland State 37-25.  We sat in the south endzone with a bunch of crazy fans.  It was a fun and noisy (cowbells) game.  I used the Man as a body shield since the balls were kicked over our heads.  There were a few unsuspecting fans that ended up with a football in their lap.  Crazy, I know!

A year ago we returned to the Central Coast.  Happy AnniversaryHappy Homecoming.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Block Party

Finally got around to blocking the UFO's:

Two woven scarves made on the Cricket Loom:  DIC Smooshy 'Good Luck Jade' this was a reblock, I tried getting it softer by machine washing and drying but I didn't hang it up and it got wrinkled and creased so back in the Soak wash.  And, Malabrigo Sock yarn 'Rayon Vert' fresh off the loom.  (ETA 12/28/12 - Gifted to Tutu.  It's purple.)

Multnomah Shawlette #4 - Malabrigo Sock yarn 'Alcaucil'.

Ann Budd's top down socks - Knit Picks Essential 'Meadow Multi'.

Bramble Beret - Cascade 220 SW 'Ginger'. (ETA 12/20/12 - Gifted to Marie.  The Man said it made her look European.  Oui.)

And if that wasn't exciting enough I learned to drive the tractor:

The very patient John Deere rep, Galen

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Green and Gold

Or, green and yellow, everywhere I look I see this color combination:

The Man's new toy property management equipment

 I also won two tickets for this weekend's Cal Poly Homecoming game against Portland State (and tickets for their pre-game tri-tip dinner).  This Saturday I'll be wearing the school colors: green and gold.  Go Mustangs!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Socks and Swatches

I've got cold feet.  Literally.  It's 85 degrees outside, 79 inside, and the tile floors are cold.  Anyway, cold feet makes for a great excuse to knit socks.  I have a bunch of sock yarn and two sets of Knitpicks dpns so I can knit 2 socks at once (and avoid the dreaded SSS--Second Sock Syndrome).  And, last night, I came across a Ravelry pattern that is a toe up sock with a heel flap called "Top Down Toe Up Vanilla All the Way Baby!" by Rachel Olsson.  I'm excited.  I tried toe up once and couldn't get past the short row heel.  After a couple of years I finally frogged the damn thing.  This will be my third sock.  So far, I've made 2 cuff down w/heel flap socks out of Ann Budd's "Getting Started Knitting Socks" book.  Here's the second one:
Weird camo color pooling, I was hoping for stripes.

The first sock has major holes in it after being worn continuously last winter.  They are wool and they are warm.  Both of these socks were made on "big" needles with a loose gauge of 7st/inch.  I made a couple of swatches with DIC Smooshy and though I didn't get gauge I think I know what needles will; I'm going to try 1US/2.5mm to get 8st/inch. Wish me luck.

(L)2US/3mm= 7.5st/inch     (R)1US/2.25mm=9st/inch.  Washed.