Monday, February 19, 2024

End of Warp

I finished the weaving on the 10" Cricket loom and I'm happy to say that the single bobbin of 8/2 Tencel took me all the way to the end of the warp.

The warp tension was starting to get wonky so I decided to play it safe and stop at 82" of weaving.


I like to hemstitch before I cut the warp off the loom.



I also checked the warp for any woven threads that were missed ("floats" or "skips") and immediately found one. Drats, towards the end of the warp, probably from the uneven warp tension.



I fixed it and supposedly once the scarf is wet-finished the repaired missed thread will "disappear".


But. Hmm - you know - since the float is so close to the scarf's edge I may take out the hemstitiching, unweave for about an inch, take out the skip, and hemstitch again. I will think about it.

I checked the rest of the scarf and found no other floats.

I cut the scarf off the loom.