Sunday, September 27, 2015

Buck Shot

For several weeks I have been sighting a handsome buck on the neighboring properties. My first sighting was in the early morning after dropping The Man off at the SLO Airport. As I drove up our steep driveway I spied a buck and doe relaxing near the fence line.

After parking the car, I backtracked down the driveway. I attempted my best Marlin Perkins impersonation, moving quietly closer from tree to tree. Armed with my camera I got as close to the pair without scaring them as I could. And took the shot.

On another morning it looked like a deer convention. I think I spied Mama and the twins in the mix.

During this time The Man was out of town on work travel. One evening on the phone while The Man and I talked about our day I mentioned that the Buck was usually with his family. The Man's reply was, "Oh, no, no, no. (chuckle) He's courting the ladies . . .  and, as many as he can".


Well, then, I guess next spring we'll be looking forward to many new handsome baby fawns.

Friday, September 18, 2015


You know those shows where the good guy kicks out the knee of the bad guy and then you see the bad guy writhing on his back, holding his knee in obvious pain? I know what that feels like. It ain't fun. This past week I've been home with GRI: Goat-Related Injury.

Just another typical Sunday evening except The Man was out of town on work travel. The Ladies had just been put to bed and the rest of us were heading to the Vista for a last game of fetch the soggy tennis ball. Our regular routine. In my hands I carried my green-wire egg basket which only contained the cordless phone, no eggs (again). 

The next thing I know a furry body slams into my outer right knee and I'm falling down. I grab onto the closest object to break my fall and that happens to be Bitsy and one of her ears.

Now I'm lying on the ground. The dogs are licking my face and the goats are staring down at me. I guess everyone was wondering what game we were playing now. As I laid there holding my knee trying to figure out what just happened the home phone rings and The Man says, "Hey, what's going on?"

I tell him I'm lying on the gravel where the goats like to pee and he says, "Oh."

Yeah. Oh. And I had just washed my hair too.

So it's been several days of rest, ice, ACE bandage, and elevation (RICE) to my right knee. My self-diagnosis is a sprained knee (MCL injury) secondary to blunt trauma (aka Bitsy's body). Luckily I wasn't hit in the kneecap, there was no "pop", and the knee feels stable so I know I'll mend.

So here's what I learned over the past few days:

1) If I'm upstairs I'll probably need something that happens to be downstairs (and vice versa).

2) If you have all the time in the world to knit, then, after a while, it's not that much fun.

3) Discovering a knitting podcast that's about knitting and books is a lot of fun (2 Knit Lit Chicks, 2011- current).

4) Ignoring the message: "Danger, Will Robinson. Danger. Not enough storage." while downloading 40 episodes of a podcast onto my iPad was not a good idea. (Phew, I was able to overcome the iPad's Black Screen of Death.)

5)  TJ Turkey corn dogs taste better cooked in the oven for 20 minutes rather than cooked for 1 minute in the microwave.

6) A sprained knee makes the heart grow fonder.

7) Don't allow the frisky knee-high Bitsy to get between me and "Get-Out-Of-My-Way-Or-I-Am-Going-To-Head-Butt-You" Zeke.

8) Carry a big stick.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Little Bits

Heeey, where you going?

Wow, this is delicious. What is this called? I know . . . they're oak leaves. You can eat as much as you want? Luuucky! I like cucumbers. How about you?

I have a sister named Clara and she has three baaabies: I have a niece and two nephews. You have any kids? Oh, sorry, never mind. You have any siblings? Oh, sorry, never mind. Wow, this is delicious. Take a nibble here.

 Heeey, where you going?

Whaaat are we doing now? Ooohhh. Aaahhh.

Oooh, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken.

Wow, look at that view. Luuucky. Buuut it's a little scary too. Sometimes I pee when I get scared. How about you?

 Heeey, where you going? Come baaack.



Saturday, September 5, 2015

Knit On

". . . . don't do it."
"Why not?"
"Remember what we talked about?"
"You mean how I shouldn't be giving my knitting away?"

Over the last few months several knitted items were sent on their merry way, disguised as yarny goodness gifts:

  • Two Diagonal Garter Stitch Baby Blankets, Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton yarn.

  • Personalized labels attached to each scarf.

  • Four beaded coasters with hand-stitched felted bottoms, Noro Daria Multi yarn.


  • Personalized rustic gift wrapping.

The Man thinks it hurts my feelings if I don't receive a note of thanks for the knitted gifts.

Pshaw, again.

Most folks do call or send me a note. Hmmm, maybe to find out what it is they have received?  "Um, thank you for the knitted, um, item".

Besides 1) people are busy, 2) they're gifts, and 3) it's a most excellent way for me to use up my ever growing yarn stash.

x   x   x     post current pic of yarn stash here (or not)     x   x   x