Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Hearts a Plenty

I spent all day at the Weaving Barn today.

The second Tuesday of every month the Little Looms Weaving group meets from 1 to 3pm. It meets the same day as the weekly morning session of Spinners' group. Since many of us attend Spinners' we started a monthly potluck about a year ago.

The potlucks have been fantastic - casual, fun, delicious, and balanced. The healthy fruit and salad dishes are nicely balanced by the baked goods - pies, cookies, brownies - and other sweets. And we're not even mentioning the monthly Birthday cake. Perhaps as a result the group has expanded from 8 of us showing up to 20-plus in attendance. Coincidence?

Today we wove heart ornaments with Paper Band, a stiff basketry-type material. Pat supplied us with the materials, instructions, demonstrations, and scoldings when we didn't weave properly, "You didn't go over, under", as well as chocolate to fill the wee ornaments.