Friday, December 25, 2015

O, Christmas Tree


From base to summit, gay and bright, 
There's only splendor for the sight.
 Ernst Anschutz, 1824

Merry Christmas to All from SLO Yarns.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

SnapShots: Good Cheer

(Snapshot: an informal photograph that is taken quickly, a quick view, or a small amount of information.)



Sunday, December 13, 2015

Plan B

Last week I finally mailed off a couple of baby hats.

The too cute hats were completed in September; Erin's twin girls were born in October.  I had not gifted the hats then because I was hoping to knit two baby blankets as well.

In early September, I found a great pattern and bought soft and cozy yarn in baby colors. I casted on right away as soon as I received the yarn in the mail.

So, it's been three months and I've completed seven chevron stripes.

Sheesh, what was I thinking? It's a great pattern but I've stalled (i.e., I want to poke my eyes out with my Addi turbo needles) and it's only the first blanket.

It certainly doesn't help that instead of cutting the yarn of the completed green stripe, I cut the blue yarn by mistake. Oops. Perhaps that was my sign that the yarn wants to be turned into a rainbow of soft and cozy hats for the too adorable babies.

Plan B, not a bad option.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Out and About: Oh, Twinkly Lights

Holiday Tree Lighting Ceremony
Sunken Gardens Park
 December 4, 2015


The nice part of small-town living is to gather with the community, neighbors, and friends (Hey, Sandee and Vince) to "usher in the Holiday spirit".

Standing beneath the big oak trees, garlanded with twinkly lights, we waited for one more special light to appear. A few moments later, the International Space Station (ISS) came into view to briefly race across our night sky.

After saying goodbye to Sandee and Vince, The Man and I strolled a block over to the downtown area. Many of the shops were open and participating in the "Atascadero Main Street Art and Wine Tour". There were quite a few very happy folks walking around with their wine glasses in hand. The Man remarked, "If you were visiting here for the first time you'd think it was a cool little town." You know what? Maybe it's been too long since we've visited, there were quite a few new shops, even a bookseller, maybe it is a cool little downtown; day or night.

Speaking of cool, I peeked in the window of Alana Dakos', Never Not Knitting, cute little storefront. Although I have her Botanical Knit 1 and 2 books, several individual patterns, and an FO or two,  I haven't been inside her yarn shop. It would be too tempting, too dangerous for me; best to just press my face to her shop window for now.


Musical Holiday
Walk Around the Lake
December 5, 2015

Last night we ventured out for the annual walk around Atascadero Lake.


Lotsa folks had their kids, dogs, and miniature ponies festively lit for the evening. Hmmm, wonder if leash-trained Bitsy would like to take a stroll next year?

The Man didn't want to stand in the long lines for the refreshments offered by the City Council and the Homeowners: hot apple cider, cotton candy, or the freshly popped popcorn. Bah Humbug.

 Next year I'll ask Z. to come along. I'm sure he'll stand in line with me.