Sunday, June 30, 2024

Tdf: Day 2

Another online Spin-a-long: Tour de Fleece.

It started yesterday Saturday, June 29 and will end Sunday, July 21, coincides with Tour de France, "When they spin, we spin." "Even after 18 years, the goal of the Tour de Fleece remains the same: Challenge yourself. Spin. Have fun." Star Athena, Spin Off.

Okay this is my first Tour. I haven't joined any teams - that can get intense- but I do have a few goals.

  • Spin everyday - at least 15 minutes. (Yesterday I went whole hog and spun 58 minutes.)
  • Spin on any tool - Suspended or Supported spindles, Lendrum spinning wheel, e-spinners etc etc.
  • Fiber - Hipstrings Base12 Spinalong Fiber kits from 2022 and 2023. I have spun a little of the 1/2 oz mystery packages but I still have 15 unopened packages (yesterday's included). If I can use them up I have Into the Whirled monthly Club fiber to spin.
  • Challenge days - Sundays, July 7 & July 14. I will ply on those days.
  • Rest days - Mondays, July 8 & July 15.

That's the plan. Spin everyday, use up fiber, play with my tools. Fun times ahead.