Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Sunrise Plus

Last month I combined two different colorways - both with a similar red-orange - to weave on the Potholder loom.


The top pic is Coral Seas Ombre.

The bottom pic is Coral Seas Ombre combined with Sunrise Ombre.

It's fascinating to see what happens when colors are woven together.

So, I combined Sunrise Ombre with Earth Ombre. Wow.



Another process I wanted to try: Wet finishing. As Laura Fry says, “It’s not finished until it’s wet-finished.”

After the potholder was off the loom I wove in the ends (kept the tails long), then poured boiling water over the cloth and let it sit. Just in case the colors bled I added small pieces of Color Catcher.



When dried the woven cloth shrank a little and became thicker and more dense: nice firm potholders.