Friday, June 14, 2024

Snake Eyes

The snakes are out and about, literally.

On Monday as I walked briskly down the driveway to open the gate for the Vet I heard the dry grass rustling to my left. I had been lost in my thoughts and so I was surprised to see a rather large black snake with bright yellow bands leaving the driveway. Which means I must have walked right past it.

Later, I looked at pics of snakes to identify it - California King Snake. Even though I didn't know it's name I knew it was one of the good snakes - a varmint killer. Whereas, I know what a rattlesnake looks like on sight although I might not always know if it's dead or alive.

Then on Wednesday I came across snake tracks. I came upon them as I was heading back to the house after putting the goats to bed. The Man and I looked for the snake but didn't see it which is not to say it wasn't lying in the grass just a few feet away.



I guess it's that time of year to keep my Spidey-sense alert and my Snake eyes open. Wearing my Ariat leather work boots might be smart too.