Monday, June 10, 2024

All Good

The Vet check went well. Jack's eye was only slightly hazy and the Vet said it was almost healed. Boots had another big piece of foxtail removed from her eye, and they both received antibiotic ointment.

Before the Vet arrived I enticed both goats into the small dog kennel. On Saturday I had watched a Youtube video on restraining goats and it was mentioned to first put the goats in a smaller space. The dog kennel was housing the spare coop but it was easy to lift it up and over the coop. Perfect small space.

I'm sure the Vet and his intern, Riley, appreciated not having to chase the goats around the pen even though it was a bit crowded with the four of them inside the kennel.

One last thing, even though Jack had his horns debudded as a baby they grow back in a weird way. He's got one that grows towards his head. Two years ago the Vet clipped it for me and I asked if he'd do it again.

When I checked to see the progress I saw Jack looking at me with two bloody stumps on his head. Oh. My.

Riley mentioned that the scur came fully off when Jack twisted his own head. The smaller one came off easily.

The Vet went to his truck and returned with an antibiotic spray. He sprayed Jack - and Riley - and coated them both with silver spray.

Good as new.