Friday, December 1, 2023

Strong Start

Day 1 of the #100daystashdown is off to a great start.

I spun outside while waiting for the SpaceX rocket launch from Vandenberg SFB.



The Falcon 9 launched right on time at 10:19 am. I even heard the sonic boom. Very cool.



When I came into the house I decided to spin a little of the ITW "Inevitable Betrayal" on the Lendrum. I had already started the big-ball-o-fiber on the first bobbin.

Since I wanted a yarn with more autumnal colors I took out the big chunks of blues and spun them all together at the end of the bobbin.




Then I started the second bobbin with the balls of skinny strips.



They were so potato chippy to spin I kept going till they were all gone.




My usual process is to let fresh singles rest (at least overnight) before plying to let some of the twist energy relax.

But - oh well - I went ahead and plied the two bobbins together anyway.