Friday, December 15, 2023

Lost in Transcription

The Man was out fishing for a few days and when he got back into cellphone range I asked him why he didn't call me before he left the Harbor as he usually does. He said he did call but I didn't pick up.

When I checked my phone I found two missed calls and a voice message:

"Howdy, it is 7:35 and I'm heading out of the Harbor here. It looks like a beautiful day. That's it, have fun at your Knitapalooza."

I also found the following helpful iPhone transcription:

"Honey, it is 7 3 5 and I'm heading out of the harbor here to look a beautiful day. That's it have furniture, Apalooza..."

I gotta say that if The Man ever left a message and called me Honey I would be dialing 911 and tracking his phone because something must be wrong; he would never call me Honey.

Signing off as "Apalooza", well, I guess that's okay.