Friday, December 29, 2023

Reverse Chronology

 Here is my Sock Kit.



Two Sets of Chiaogoo Twist Shorties with Mini accessories, Tape measure, Bic 4-color pen, Post-It note, Lacis Locker (Knooking) Needle 2mm, Tom Bihn Cubelet.



Cable Organizer, Lambtown 2023 Stitch Markers, and Chiaogoo Mini end stoppers.



Adding a ribbon.


Reusing the stickers and filling the pockets: Bamboo Circ Fixed 9" 2.5mm, 5" Cable (in use), 6" Cable, 8" Cable.


Cutting up the vintage 35 mm Slide Holder page. (These binder pages currently hold DMC floss on cardboard "bobbins".)

Oh no, a Lambtown 2023 Stitch Marker squirting out of a hole. All the various Chiaogoo cables, Mini accessories, and Stitch Markers are kept in this bag. It would be nice to have a better organizer.