Friday, December 22, 2023

Cookie Mystery

Someone put a pretty package of homemade Christmas cookies in our mailbox. They went to a little trouble maneuvering the package into our Mail Boss locking mailbox so that no cookies were broken in the process.

Nice. But. There was no tag with the package.

The next day The Man checked the area around the mailbox and checked inside the mailbox again. Nothing.

We texted Stacey and she said she couldn't take the credit for the cookies. We texted another neighbor and he said No but to check with Stacey.

I couldn't bear to throw away the mystery gift so I stuck the cookies in the freezer.

Today The Man talked to Amy and she knew about it.

Amy's House Sitter put the cookies in our mailbox by mistake. Our locking mailboxes, both black, sit side by side. The House Sitter knew of her mistake when she put the cookies in the wrong mailbox so she made another batch for Amy.

Cookie mystery solved. (No, Amy said, she didn't want any more cookies.)