Sunday, July 7, 2024

Plan to Ply

TdF: Day 9, Challenge Day

So far, so good. My goals for Tour de Fleece have been doable and in fact I have spun up all of Hipstring's 2022 fiber and have started on the 2023 fiber kits.

Today I'll be plying but first I like to rewind the singles onto weaving (storage) bobbins.


 Ready to make a 2-ply yarn.


Using the EEW 6.0 e-spinner to ply. (Colorway: Goldenberry)


Often one bobbin ends before the other. Easy-peasy, I take the remaining single, make a Plying Bracelet (Andean Ply), and use up every last bit.



I plied continuously and joined colors end to end on the same bobbin.

Bottom layer, three yarns:


Middle layer, four yarns:


Top layer, four yarns:


Good progress today. Next Challenge (Ply) Day is next Sunday, July 14.