Saturday, July 6, 2024

Hot and Cold

It got up to 110.1° today. We didn't stick around to watch the thermostat climb, instead we headed to the Coast. Mattie whined all the way, not sure if it was excitement or from being enclosed in a soft crate.



It was a nice clear day but surprisingly windy and cold.



I didn't bring warm clothes but I brought all of my craft projects: knitting (socks and charity scarves), both potholder looms and new yarn, EEW Nano and 4 empty bobbins along with the HS Base12 fiber, a book, and my daily notebook with my pencil case.


I didn't get to everything but I managed to spin 3 bobbins of fiber (TdF: day 8).


I wove on the smaller potholder loom and the Potholder Pro is warped and ready to go.