Friday, July 5, 2024

Hunker In

We got up to 109.2° today. It felt like being in an oven when I stepped outside to check on the animals and refill water buckets. The goats were laying in the sun so I guess they were okay.

The cats enjoyed their frequent misting with the spray bottle.

Ants came into the garage seeking shelter and water, I used the Shop Vac to suck them up.

Yesterday we killed a small rattlesnake. I saw it's tail sliding under the doghouse a few feet from where Jack and I were standing. It moved slowly so I could see the color and pattern of it's skin and - yes - the rattle on the tip of it's tail. I called The Man and kept an eye on it till he showed up. It had curled up in the shadow and though I could see it facing us The Man couldn't focus on it. It's scary how well they blend into their environment and camouflage themselves.