Friday, January 12, 2024

Veered Off

I had a couple of things on my To Do list for today, nothing exciting, nothing too hard, just chores.

But first I would skein up the Swaledale Sampler #3 that I had plied and free up the bobbin, it would just take a few minutes.



As the very hairy 2-ply yarn passed through my fingers it reminded me of rope.

And then I stopped winding to get a book.



I could make a Cable yarn.



But first I needed to wind the yarn back onto the bobbin and add more twist, spun counter-clockwise.



 Checking to see if I added enough twist.



 The yarn was then wound off and plied a second time in the opposite direction, clock-wise.



The yarn was so energized pigtails were sprouting out all over. I decided to ply directly off of the Handy Andy plying tool instead of a plying bracelet on my wrist.

Needless to say nothing on my To Do list was checked off but I made a Cabled yarn.

Spinning cordage - it's gotta count for something, somewhere.


Cord Yarns

"Cord yarns are produced by twisting ply yarns together, with the final twist usually applied in the opposite direction of the ply twist. Cable cords may follow an SZS form, with S-twisted singles made into Z-twisted plies that are then combined with an S-twist, or may follow a ZSZ form. Hawser cord may follow an SSZ or a ZZS pattern. Cord yarns may be used as rope or twine..."