Tuesday, January 2, 2024

First Launch of 2024

SpaceX successfully launched the first rocket of 2024 from Vandenberg SFB this evening at 7:44 pm.

Although it was cloudy we managed to see the clouds flare orange and bright right above the mountains where the rocket first appears.



 The Falcon 9 briefly appeared before the clouds swallowed it again.




It's a good thing there was a rocket launch tonight because I had planned to share the Dish Scrubbie I am knitting. 


Though - on second thought - I gotta say these Scrubbies (knitted with nylon tule netting) makes the best long-lasting and durable scrubber of dishes, pots, and cast iron pans. When they look worn out - like this one - they find a home outside scrubbing the animal's water buckets.