Thursday, January 4, 2024

Cows and Calendars

The sun is shining and the cows are back. 2024 is off to a great start.




Even better I'm starting 2024 with Cortney Spillane's charming new calendar adorning my fridge.



This year's calendar is called, "Flora, some fauna, & the occasional field guide". Did you see the hand-painted 'Candy Cane' Camillia on the envelope? So sweet and . . . oh, look, dinosaurs!

I am a regular podcast listener of Cortney and Monica's podcast, "Craft, Cook, Read, Repeat".  Although Cortney makes her calendars for family and friends as Holiday "Cards" she prints up a few extra and I have been fortunate to snag one before they quickly sell out.

Last year's Birds and Breakables calendar came in an envelope with a beautiful hand-painted feather alongside a tea cup. Even The Man took notice and mentioned Cortney is a good artist. Now that is something. Heck ya, I'm keeping all her little works of art.