Saturday, April 20, 2024

Who knew: Flame Polishing

Who knew that plastic outdoor chairs could be rejuvenated with fire.

We have six "Mission High-Back" style resin chairs on the back deck. They are in great shape but for the fact that they look yucky: blotchy, sun-faded, oxidized with a chalky residue that gets on your clothes, ahem, your bottom.

We couldn't find replacement chairs in that particular style at our local hardware store so I was looking at a few YouTube videos of folks rejuvenating their chairs by spray-painting them but then I came upon a few videos of plastic chairs (and stadium seats) being revived with a propane torch.

It's called Flame Polishing, whereby you're melting the surface of the plastic and it smooths out and looks shiny and new.

Yeehaw, we gotta try that.




Took it outside for better ventilation.


The practice chair looks great - like smooth dark chocolate. The deck chairs will need a wash and a scrub before they get their flame treatment.

Amazing, you learn something new every day.