Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Cuddle Factor

I have taken up the jumbo knitting needles again to knit Comfort Scarves for charity.


On Saturday I wove a comfort scarf and although it turned out colorful it didn't feel right.

I compared the woven scarf to two knitted Comfort Scarves and I could see and feel the difference. The woven scarf is flat and dense compared to the knitted scarves which are fluffy and squishy.

We want cuddly so for now I will be knitting with the jumbo size US 17 needles.


Here's part of the email I received from Leslye Borden that got my needles clicking again:

3/29/24   Tuesday we completed Handmade’s March shipping.  Truth to tell, we didn’t ship as much as we wanted, but we still supplied 21 shelters:  In all, we sent 645 comfort scarves, 12 pairs of slippers, and 50 hats.  The good news is that so far this year we have sent every one of our shelters at least one box of scarves, bringing our YTD to 2,145 scarves and 336 hats.  


The worrisome question is whether we’ll have enough scarves to supply every shelter for Mother’s Day.  What’s the problem?  Not enough scarves, really not enough scarf makers.  Handmade has been around since the end of 2008.  We’ve lost some of our original members.  If you know any knitters/crocheters, rope them in. 

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