Thursday, April 25, 2024

Square One

Nope. The spur-of-the moment warp of yesterday did not work. There were issues.

First, the warping paper wasn't long enough. I had grabbed a roll and - well - it wasn't long enough so I slapped on another piece of paper. Second, three of the slots had eight threads even though they were all supposed to have four threads. Oops, but an easy fix. Not so easy was the fact that I started winding the warp even though I knew my tension was loosey-goosey.



When I came to my senses and listened to myself ("stop! stop! stop!") I knew I had to back up and undo my wrongs and start again.

I carefully unwound the warp and put it back on the raddle, cut out the extra warp threads, and removed the warping paper.  When I was done I left the room.




I need to give this one a think.