Sunday, April 21, 2024

Inspired by the Pineapples

I have been thinking about weaving an Inkle Band bag strap since the end of last December. That was when The Man's sister gifted us with two Water Bottle Holders that she created. Such a wonderful gift from a wonderful Sewist - the attention to detail, the fabric choice, and a zipper to boot. It cried out for a custom handwoven strap.

Today I finally sat down and got started with this new project.

First I chose the yarn colors, coordinating them with the Hawaiian print fabric.


12:56 pm


Using the same pic I checked color value to make sure there were different value contrast. Looks good.



Next I used an Online Inkle Loom Pattern Generator and designed a 41-thread pattern with my four colors: Black, Cream, Green, and Gray.



I "wove" on a comb to preview the colors and design.


1:47 pm

1:51 pm

Warping the Inkle Loom


2:55 pm

41-thread warp

3:17 pm


Since I am aiming for a 3/4 - 7/8" wide band and struggling to maintain it I think the weft is too thick. After almost 6" of weaving I decided to unweave back to the beginning and change to a thinner weft of 5/2 cotton instead of Crochet Cotton # 3 (~ 3/2 cotton).


4:23 pm


Weaving easier with the 5/2 cotton.


6:31 pm


Inspired by pineapples.