Thursday, November 16, 2023

Whitefaced Woodland Sampler #2

I'm spinning my way through a Wool Sampler Pack of 12 different sheep breeds from England that I purchased from Hearthside Fibers on Etsy. Each pack is ~ 25 grams. The fiber is prepared as combed top.

The first breed spun was Exmoor Horn. I used the Bosworth Suspended (Drop) Spindle. It got heavy towards the end and I kept - well - dropping the spindle.

The second breed is Whitefaced Woodland. I split the fiber in half vertically and will spin two separate singles on the Bosworth. I just finished the first single and wound it off onto a "storage" bobbin.

I used a basket as a lazy kate to hold the spindle in place.



passed it through a yarn counter,


then wound it onto a weaving bobbin (aka storage bobbin) with a manual bobbin winder.


The first bobbin of Whitefaced Woodland weighed 14 grams: 83 yards.