Sunday, November 19, 2023

Lambtown 2023

Last month The Man and I took a five-hour road trip so that I could attend Lambtown Festival at the Dixon May Fairgrounds in Dixon, California.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and found a shady campsite. It was going to be a hot weekend.

In the morning I was attending an all-day workshop, The Man brought his motorcycle to explore the back roads while I was in class.


Friday morning quiet.


Heading out to attend my first-ever Spinning workshop and how fortunate I am to attend a class taught by Jillian Moreno. I've learned a lot from Jillian - watching her videos, reading her online articles, and studying her book, Yarnitecture.  The workshop is called "Spinning Braids: All the fun, none of the stress". So exciting.

I brought the Lendrum spinning wheel, lots of extra bobbins, a lazy kate, and a niddy noddy. The wheeled cart worked pretty well considering it was hefty cargo.

Class was great! I learned so much and I am inspired.

Oops, I was busy spinning so I didn't take any class pics luckily Jillian did so I grabbed a few screenshots from Jillian's Instagram (I hope that's allowed).




Saturday, the Wool Show and fleece judging with Amy Ross Manko of Ross Farms, Ohio.




I attended only to watch and learn not to bring home a raw fleece though there were quite a few fantastic fleeces. We all collectively gasped when this black Romney fleece was pulled out of it's bag. AH-mazing!


As we were packing up to leave the campground I overheard our neighbors discussing different spinning wheels. I asked them if they wanted to try out my wheel. I demonstrated how to treadle, draft and spin, then left them to it as I packed my stuff in the camper. They were still spinning when I returned and I complimented them on their first-ever hand spun yarn. It was exciting for all of us, I'm sure.