Sunday, June 30, 2013

Culinary Art

(Culinary: of or relating to a kitchen or cookery.)

My poor old flour sack dish towels need to be retired.  Some are stained, most have holes; they're done.  I received them from my Mom many many moons ago.

I looked for flour sack dish towels locally without luck and ended up buying a six-pack from  My mistake was putting the new towels in my craft room instead of throwing it in the laundry basket.  The 30" x 34" bright white fabric just needed a little something so I pulled out my binder of DMC Floss (still in use from my cross-stitchin' days) to embroider a few lazy daisy stitches.  Nothing fancy.  Just a flower or two.

I've been working on it for a few weeks now.  Adding a stitch here and there.

Today, I'm going to have to say they're done and ready to go in the wash.  Otherwise, we'll be air-drying our dishes from now on.  And, isn't it funny, I think the other three look just fine all plain and white.