Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saving Babies

Last weekend a baby Steller's Jay showed up in the corner of our garage.  It seemed to be more fluff than feathers.  We left it alone, at least it would be safe for the night in the garage.

The next morning it was reunited with it's older sibling who had spent the night outside.  Throughout the day we'd see them both hopping about.  The parents (and uncles and aunts) hovered around and kept an eye on the pair as Mama Bird continued to care and feed them.

Sunday morning there was still one left on the ground.  Older sibling was flying.  I decided to give baby bird a boost into the trees.

A week later, baby bird is still around.

Fat, flying, and thriving.

I spent the past two days in class recertifying for PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support).

It was a good week for me: I saved a baby manikin and a baby bird.