Monday, June 5, 2023

A Gift For You

Saturday was Talley Farms' Charter Member Celebration. We drove south and took the back roads of SLO to the farm in Arroyo Grande, an easy 30-minute drive.

Brian Talley greeted and welcomed us. He led us to the beverages, we opted for the soft drinks instead of beer or wine (presumably from Talley Farm Vineyards). The Man moseyed over to see what deliciousness was being grilled for lunch while I found us a place to sit.

Rosemary Talley (the Matriarch) stopped by our table and thanked us for our 10+ years of supporting their CSA Produce Box.

After Mrs Talley left I spotted a familiar face and went to invite the couple to sit with us. I got a hug for my efforts from Peter and then I mistakenly introduced him to The Man as Patrick. Oops. Peter was even wearing his name tag. I know he got my name right because he read my name tag first. He introduced us to his wife, Janice.

Peter and I served as jurors in 2016 and we still chat happily whenever we see one another (even though we can't remember each other's name). His wife's family is from Hawaii so we often talk about local kine foods - Spam Musubi is always a favorite topic.

While standing in the food line The Man and I talked to Andrea Chavez. She's the Manager - the Dynamo - behind the CSA program and instrumental in it's success. We became members in 2012 after she gave us produce.  She had a table set up at the entrance of Miner's Hardware store in Atascadero. It was the end of her day so she loaded us up and sent us home with information and the freshest produce we've ever had. (The leaf lettuce was amazing.) A few months later we joined the CSA and continue to receive a weekly produce box.

The lunch menu was delicious grilled tacos. The Man chose pork and chicken, I selected pork and a cheese taco. The "cheese" taco turned out to be shrimp and cheese, very yummy. Sarah's Chinese Cabbage Salad and brownies were also on the menu.


The Man and I opted out of the Farm Tour and said our Goodbyes and Thank Yous.

Before we left we were given a gift bag:



Such a nice time spent in the company of good people, good food, and a healthy business.