Monday, June 12, 2023

Ena Band

The inkle band I started last week is done, tada.

The weaving was completed so it was time to cut the band off the loom, wash it, and start finishing. I didn't weave the entire warp so I attached clips and later I'll see if I can retie the unwoven warp back onto the loom.



The first piece I wove - the sampler - turned out to be very useful. Before I did anything to the actual piece I tried it out on the sampler first: checked the yarns for colorfastness (soaked in boiling water for 90 minutes, a.o.k.), sewed the long floats with the sewing machine (didn't work, too noticeable), a dab of glue to the floats (a.o.k.), tried out various fringe lengths.


Tada, Ena Band: