Sunday, April 9, 2023

Soft Pigtails

What a glorious day it was. Sunny skies with a breeze and warming up to the mid-70's. Perfect weaving weather.

I took the Cricket loom outside to weave and learned something about spinning.

I have often heard it said that a person could be a better Spinner if they used their handspun. That they could gain skills and insight by simply knitting, crocheting, or weaving with their handspun yarn.

I'm not that person. I like making yarn, I like learning about the process, the fiber, the sheep. For me the yarn is the goal. I didn't feel like I had to do something with it. The yarn I made was it.

But now that I'm weaving with my handspun Pima cotton I'm becoming aware of a few things.

As I'm weaving I notice the sections of the yarn that have too much twist are also a challenge to manage. The high-twist makes kinks, and curliques, and pigtails in the yarn which requires manipulation to try to keep it straight while weaving. (In hindsight, I will say, "I should have cut those sections out".)

This is not fresh spun yarn they have been "rested" and rewound onto storage bobbins and then rewound again onto weaving bobbins. This high-twist, over-twist, is my spinning technique.



On the other hand, the sections that are balanced have a nice soft pigtail. The yarn spirals and twists in a luxurious playful slow motion.

Who knew? Well, apparently, those smart Spinners who use their handspun knew.



I'm glad I learned this and I will be aiming for softer pigtails.

Especially now that  I am getting acquainted with my new-to-me Bosworth Book Charkha.