Saturday, April 8, 2023

Broken Thread

Continuing on with the Cricket project, actual weaving has begun, but first I had to finish dressing the loom.

Yesterday I fixed the color errors in the warp and proceeded to wind on to the back beam. 


As I slowly wound on I felt a thread snap. I'm not sure what it had gotten caught on but I managed to find the broken ends.

I've never had to deal with a broken thread before so I guess that's another lesson to learn with this project. For now I put a little clip on the broken thread and let it hang off the back.

Next slots and holes were threaded.


(By the way, I enjoyed the Indirect Warping Method using my pre-wound warp.)

Next the warp was tied on to the front apron rod including the replacement warp thread. I'll deal with the other broken end after I start weaving.



I noticed the temperature outside was warmer than inside the house so I took the loom outside and finished tying on to the front apron rod.



I wove a header with waste yarn (Navy 8/2), threw a few picks of the Pima single, and hemstitched.