Tuesday, February 28, 2023

To The Rescue

Today as we were leaving our weekly Guild get-together Lupe got her car stuck. She was having trouble reversing on the slippery ground and tried to drive forward with her front-wheel drive Prius but the field in front of her was a marsh. Her front tire and bumper sank in the soft mud.


She contacted her Roadside Assistance Service to get a tow (declining my offer to call AAA). After waiting an hour - and two follow-up calls from Lupe - the Roadside Service finally said they didn't have anyone to send and were probably not able to send anyone for another two hours or so.

Lupe called her husband and I was calling AAA when The Man called and said he could stop by. 

Lupe cancelled her Roadside Service request and let her husband know he didn't have to drive out to help her.

She was deeply stuck and the 2001 truck did not like having to work so hard but The Man and the old truck got Lupe out of her muddy mess just fine.




While we were waiting Lupe said, "Cat. A cat got a ground squirrel." I looked out the door and we watched a bobcat walk by with a ground squirrel in it's mouth. It walked in front of her car and disappeared in the fallen pine tree lying next to her car.

I told her if I had seen it first I would have been more excited and she said, "I just thought it was a big cat till it got closer".