Sunday, January 31, 2021

Wicked Wind

Just as predicted the winter storm arrived in the wee hours of Wednesday. It was the wind that woke us up, it shook the house - shook the bed - and howled through the walls. The strong steady oak trees swayed crazily against the night sky.

Our weather station with it's whirly gizmo on the roof recorded sustained winds of 20 to 30 mph and gusts between 50 and 60 mph. It was a wild and woolly two days of wicked wind. The rain fell steadily at a sideways slant.

At first light we were able to assess the damage. A large oak on the adjacent ranch had dropped it's huge heavy limbs. Unfortunately those limbs crashed down on our side of the property and crushed a section of our fence.



We lost a couple of our own trees but they fell without damaging any structures. It pains me to see old oaks fall.

The most astounding sight is the amount of debris that litters the property. Gnarly pieces of oak, branches and twigs, and leaves everywhere.


All hands on deck. The clean up has begun.