Thursday, January 21, 2021

Bob's Your Uncle

Yesterday's blog post inspired me to keep the Weaving Mojo going. As luck would have it I was home alone for the entire day which allowed me to take my time warping the loom and winding on the two warp chains.

I've only warped the Lil' Gem once before and since that was several months ago I needed to review my written notes and rewatch videos from Jane Stafford's Online Guild.

In order to warp alone I used a stack of books and a diver's weight belt to maintain even tension on the 7-yard warp chains as I sat in the back of the loom winding on.

Front of the loom ~



Back of the loom ~


I finished winding on the warp just as The Man pulled into the driveway.


As Jane likes to say, " . . . and Bob's your uncle."