Sunday, September 27, 2015

Buck Shot

For several weeks I have been sighting a handsome buck on the neighboring properties. My first sighting was in the early morning after dropping The Man off at the SLO Airport. As I drove up our steep driveway I spied a buck and doe relaxing near the fence line.

After parking the car, I backtracked down the driveway. I attempted my best Marlin Perkins impersonation, moving quietly closer from tree to tree. Armed with my camera I got as close to the pair without scaring them as I could. And took the shot.

On another morning it looked like a deer convention. I think I spied Mama and the twins in the mix.

During this time The Man was out of town on work travel. One evening on the phone while The Man and I talked about our day I mentioned that the Buck was usually with his family. The Man's reply was, "Oh, no, no, no. (chuckle) He's courting the ladies . . .  and, as many as he can".


Well, then, I guess next spring we'll be looking forward to many new handsome baby fawns.