Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hoedown at The Grange

Last week Friday we drove south to see Tom Russell in concert at the SLO Grange Hall. Tom Russell - Singer/Songwriter … americana … tex/mex … cowboy music. Yee haw.

In a strange way the SLO Grange was the perfect place for Tom Russell's show.

Oh, sure, the partially painted cinder block walls weren't that great for acoustics, the metal folding chairs weren't that great after the first sixty-seconds, and the rental Port-a-Potties were definitely not great: total darkness when you closed the door. (Boy Howdy, the flashlight app on my iPhone came in handy.)

Sitting behind the VIP seats and Tom Russell's sister.

The SLO Grange was perfect because it's a gosh darn establishment for farmers and stockmen. Tom Russell's cowboy friends and family were present in the audience and it was as though we were invited to a family party. The walls in the dining hall are graced with handmade quilts. And we felt right at home with the older-than-us-hippies and ranchers. The Man really fits in perfect, if he had a beard, he would disappear in plain sight. Me, disappearing, not so much. I might have been the only one knitting.

It was perfect because we got there early enough to chow down on a dinner of baby back pork ribs, mac and cheese with bacon bits, and fresh-made cole slaw. Early enough to collect swag.

It was perfect because it was raining when we got there. We all stood in line with our umbrellas and got wet anyway.

The music was great, yes, perfect for the SLO Grange.