Saturday, May 17, 2014

At the Sunday Auction

"Templeton Livestock Market holds a Small Animal Sale the first Sunday of each month," said Mike, the tree trimmer, as he scratched the head of a Goaty Boy. He told The Man that he was looking for a pet goat for his kids.

May's first Sunday was that weekend so we got up early and drove the 11 miles to the Market.

When we got there the dirt parking lot was already filling up and people were milling around chatting with one another. We looked in the pens and got close up views of organic wool fiber still on the hoof.

The animals to be auctioned were brought in by their owners. We sat next to a woman selling her extra male lambs. She said she sells on Craigslist but the monthly auction is a good alternative. Before we could ask her anymore questions she had to leave because some of her horses had gotten out of their corral. Yee haw.

We saw pigs and piglets, lots of mama goats and their babies, and a few calves.  Our curiosity sated we left before the sheep, baby lambs, and other small animals were shown.

I wondered about the future of these small livestock animals. I can only hope that they'll have green pastures and enjoy their days as someone's pet.

When we were leaving we noticed, as usual, the best deals often happen in the parking lot.