Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crazy Sticks

Back in the day, knitting my second pair of socks during my lunch break at work, the Respiratory Therapist popped his head into the break room to ask me a question and said, "Wow, look at those crazy sticks!"

While I was knitting up the Felted flower bowls I had to make do with using 2 circular needles for the decreases. I prefer double pointed needles (dpns) but I needed US 10/6mm and my dpn stash only goes up to US 8/5mm. 

From Ravelry chatter I heard about Carbonized bamboo dpns on eBay and what a smoking good deal they were. I wasn't interested in the smaller sizes since I have two sets of teeny needles for making socks and other small knitted items. But how could I go wrong in ordering fifteen sizes - US 0/2mm to US 15/10mm - 5 needles per set for $10.26 and free shipping from China? Yes, ten dollars and free shipping. Of course I ordered them.

I had an extra needle roll (another eBay purchase) which was perfect to hold the larger needles. I modified it with little snaps on the ends so I could fold it over the tips of the needles. I didn't want to have to play 40 Pick-up sticks.

Now look at those crazy sticks go.