Sunday, March 9, 2014

Musical Chairs

The Goaty Boys celebrated their second birthday last month.

Coincidentally, I found the original Craigslist email we sent to Mama Goat Peggy:
We're interested in a couple of your wethers.  We recently moved to Atascadero (from Hawaii) and have 6+ acres.  We're looking for a couple of goats as pets/weed eaters and everything we've read indicates that Nigerian Dwarf goats will fit the bill.  Our property is fully-fenced, and we have a 25' x 50' pen.  If the goats are still available we would like to take a look!  We would also appreciate any advice and recommendations on their care.
Peggy's response:
We still have several of the wethers available!   Your property sounds great for them!   I'd start them out in the little pen and get them really used to you and tame (they naturally like people but also are shy at first but with handling will become regular lap goats if you let them!).
Goats are herd animals and need a buddy to be happy so we knew we needed to adopt two goats. When we went to Peggy's to place dibs on "our goats" I was drawn to Wyatt's black and white coloring. We didn't have the heart to separate the three brothers so we placed dibs on all three boys and planned to return when they were weaned from their Mama. (We didn't consider their sister, she cost quite a bit more as a valuable dairy goat, and milking a goat daily was not something I wanted to do.)

The Boys with their Mama, 4-weeks-old.

We were smart not to encourage them to sit in our laps but they did teach themselves to sit in lawn chairs.

Nowadays, it's part of their daily routine: relaxing on the back deck, lounging in their chairs, and taking a siesta.

From my kitchen window I can easily see them.

When I tap on the glass they all turn to look at me with a goaty smile.

It makes my heart sing.