Saturday, March 22, 2014

Foodie Friends

The other day my friend Sandee wrote a very delicious blog post about making Artisan bread in just five minutes. Although the thought of making hand-crafted bread so quickly was intriguing I was more interested in her bread cloche. I knew what a cloche hat was but had never heard of a bread cloche. (I didn't know I needed one till I read her post and saw the beautiful bread sitting in the stoneware cloche.)

The tempting photo made me think of another friend, CJ. She's a coworker friend, an accomplished baker, and amazing blogger. Her blog is called Food Stories. I'm not sure where she finds the energy to work full-time and keep up with her blog but she does and she does both well.

CJ's blog has a section called Food Foto Gallery, because "we love food and food photos".

So anyway I was thinking Sandee should post her beautiful bread and cloche to the Food Foto Gallery. As I read the submission instructions and looked at other people's photos I thought, "Well, why not." And posted my own photo.

Here's a screenshot of part of today's Food Foto Gallery. Can you find my food photo?