Tuesday, October 8, 2013

NYC, Baby

What I learned from our trip to Manhattan:

  • Public restrooms are hard to come by.  (Thank you, Burger King, I owe you one.)
  • They say don't look like a tourist.  Oh, well, we could never ever not look like a tourist.

 Maybe it's a peace sign, "two",  or "V" for Victory for another $2 in "tips".

  • Get your map of the City ahead of time.  We couldn't find one and asked a couple where they got their NYC map.  They brought it from home . . . Australia.  Since they had two they kindly shared their extra map with us.

Hmm, I thought Matzo Ball soup had meatballs in it.

  • On a clear day you can see forever.

From the "Top of the Rock", Rockefeller Center

What The Man learned:

Don't leave me alone never, ever.  The second day we wanted to explore Midtown Manhattan. We got an early start and it was still dark when we caught the ferry from Belford, NJ.  The Man went upstairs to sit outside on the outer deck.  I stayed in the main cabin.  When my seat mates got up to disembark so did I.

I first noticed the dock looked familiar, then I noticed that I was alone as I watched the Ferry motor away.  At that moment, The Man texted "Plenty of seats upstairs".

Oh, boy.

I texted back, "I got off didn't you"?  His reply, "I hope you're kidding".

Oh, boy.

Ferry and Harbor Gunboat at dawn

At that point I wondered, "why are we texting"?  I am alone in New York City and it's dark.  I gave The Man a call.  He was going to get off at the next stop.

I had mistakenly thought it was an Express ferry to Midtown, get on, get off.  Simple.  I was wrong and had gotten off prematurely at the same dock from the day before in the Financial District, Lower Manhattan.  Since we had covered alot of the area the day before including the waterfront we both knew where we were and which direction to walk.

We met at Battery Park.  From there we caught the subway to Times Square.