Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aloha Friday

Last August, at the Atascadero Lake Car Show The Man noticed a 1970 Mustang. It was notable because of the Honolulu Midweek Newspaper article explaining the car's Hawaiian heritage. When The Man got home he mentioned the car. It didn't take long to find the Midweek article online and that led me to ex-Oahu local Sandee and her blog: Sweet Home Atascadero.

I started reading Sandee's blog and especially enjoyed her pictures and recipes of local kine foods: spam musubi, li hing popsicle, yum. I left a comment on her blog, she emailed me, I emailed her back, she emailed me back, I emailed her . . . so, yesterday, we met.

We agreed to meet at the local Starbucks and then chatted non-stop for a couple of hours fueled by commonalities and caffeine. The topics ranged anywhere from finding a good hairstylist (still looking), best grocery stores, and finding medical care. It's a challenge starting over and we could compare notes and commiserate. This is Sandee's first experience to live on the mainland, it's all an adventure for her.

We didn't even begin to chat about the local kine foods we miss the most or what we've been able to find in SLO. (My tip: Aloha shoyu found at San Luis Oriental Market, 1255 Monterey St.)

Today marks the second year anniversary of The Man and me moving back to the Central Coast. Next month, Sandee and Vince marks their first year anniversary of moving to Atascadero.

Happy Anniversary HI Expats