Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Happy Coincidence

Yesterday, I received my third box of charity yarn from Leslye Borden and her organization Handmade Especially For You.  The box contained colorful magic yarn balls to make eight Comfort Scarves.  I thought the recycled box looked familiar so I peeled back the shipping label to reveal the return address.  It wasn't my box but imagine my surprise to discover that I knew the name on the box.  I asked The Man if it was the Kathy that we knew and he said, "Yup".

The Man's Mom and Kathy are friends.  They both belong to The Red Hat Society and formed their own chapter Valley Isle Vixens on Maui.  Together they travel the world and have a great time.  And once again they'll both be here in March before they attend their Monterey Convention.  We're looking forward to their visit; they're fun to be around.  (Note to self: remember to ask the ladies to bring their bambucha knitting needles so we can do a little charity scarfing together.)

The Man suggested maybe it's just the three of us making scarves.  Hehe, I don't think so unless Kathy and his Mom have made 1092 scarves (to add to the eight I sent in).  In September, 1100 scarves were shipped to over fifty Women's shelters in California.

Leslye replied, "Tell your husband we have many, many volunteers, not just you and your family and friends, although you all do a lot for Handmade.  Thanks for everything."

A happy coincidence.  And, yes, it is a small world after all.  A small giving world.

Magic balls of yarn and a Comfort Scarf in progress.