Sunday, August 25, 2013

Red Hot August Nights

Atascadero is a small town with a small town feel to it.  Summer evenings are celebrated with concerts in the park, movies outdoors, and cruisin'.  So on a Friday evening we all came out for the 21st Annual Hot El Camino Real Cruise Nite to watch the classic cars, flashy hot rods, and anything else on wheels drive up and down the main drag, El Camino Real.

Cruise Night 8/16/13

Central Coast Roller Derby Team -vs- Classic Cars

Last year we sat on the grass.  This year I was more prepared with a blanket for the grass and a cooler of food: oven fried chicken, grilled corn on the cob, musubis (rice balls), fresh fruit, and popcorn w/arare.  We also brought along our favorite car enthusiast, Jerry's grandson, Z.

~ ~ ~

A few nights ago, The Man and I were enjoying our usual nightly activity -- sitting out on The Vista watching the stars come out.  All of a sudden a green dot appeared about six feet downslope of us.  It bounced around for several seconds before I realized what it was.  I said, "Cover your eyes!"  When I dared to look again it was gone.  The Man saw the actual beam, the green dot touched him, and it flashed in his face.

Somewhere, out in the dark, someone was wielding a very powerful laser.  A laser that could burn our eyes and cause retinal damage.  We didn't stay out much longer after that.

The Vista View

Today, The Man did some calculations of where the laser beam possibly originated from (yeah, I know, he's kinda geeky).  

Laser Pointers?

These houses are 1.7 miles away.  Next time, if it happens again, I'm calling the Laser Police.