Thursday, April 18, 2013

Liquid Goats

There's a saying:  If you want to test a fence for keeping goats in then throw a bucket of water at the fence.  If the water goes through the fence then so will the goats.

Thanks to the previous owners of our home we have a "no-climb" fence around the entire property.  It keeps the critters out (looking at you, feral pig) and it keeps the Goaty Boys in.  Our goats haven't made any effort to escape; they seem to enjoy hanging with us, sunning themselves on the driveway, or sitting in their lawn chairs.

They did make an "escape" once by simply following The Man as he obliviously drove the tractor out the gate.  Luckily, our neighbor Jim, commented on how good the goats were looking as he admired them climbing up his nearest Oak tree.  Only then did The Man realize he had been followed.

On the other hand, Joe's goats pass through their makeshift fence as easily as if they were water.

"Fence" - sticks and stones and chicken wire

In addition to all the chores The Man does in his day, we've added "checking the Mamas" to his long list.  Each evening he walks down to the fence line and checks on Joe's herd and ensures that no goat has been left behind on the wrong side of the fence.  Many times he's helped a too large Mama find the hole large enough for her to squeeze through while the rest of the herd wait patiently for her on the other side.

Our "no-climb" fence on the left.

Not much of a surprise that Buck and the Mamas were nowhere to be found.