Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wurm = Warm

I spent a couple of days last week, yes, two days completing a knitted hat.  I cast on Thursday afternoon and bound off first thing Saturday morning.  Not bad.  For me.

Lately, it's been very cold.  Usually I grab a wool hat to wear when I'm down at the goat pen or out on a walk.  Unfortunately, my Noro hat has loosened at the brim and falls off my head at inopportune times and places (bucket of water, fresh chicken poo).  I did a Ravelry pattern search and found a very popular free pattern called Wurm.  It's constructed with a folded brim and due to the double fabric it is cozy warm and probably won't stretch out.

The designer of the pattern is from Vienna, Austria, and I thought maybe "wurm" translates to "worm" in her language.  The purl rows make horizontal ridges around the hat suggestive of a nice fat worm.  A quick Google search: "wurm + Austria" and I'm not so sure.

My new hat keeps my head warm, whatever Wurm means.

Zeke checking it out

Erwin Wurm, Austrian Artist