Friday, September 28, 2012

Warp Speed Mr Sulu

Received my Schacht 20" Flip Loom yesterday.  It had been backordered for over a month from Lion Brand Yarn Company.  After warping the Schacht 10" Cricket (last used Spring 2011!) I decided that was plenty loom for me and I was going to cancel my Flip order Monday morning.  I guess it wasn't meant to be cancelled because it shipped out that very same Monday morning 7:30 am CDT.

It took a little fiddling with the Cricket to remember the steps of direct warping, weaving, winding the shuttle, and hem-stitching.  Yes, well, I pretty much forgot everything.  My first attempt at warping was with Malabrigo Sock yarn but since I couldn't remember how to tie on and sley a couple of slots I (very smartly!) put on an 8-dent reed and wove up some scrap Sugar'n Cream cotton and made a little sample.  That helped me remember the steps and I was able to warp up the Mal Sock in 1.5 hours without too much trouble.

The Man helped me put the Flip Loom together and it's ready to go!

Malabrigo Sock yarn, Rayon Vert, plain weave with 10-dent reed